Kafranbel Photoshopped Propganda Signs

I’ve come across more than one really photoshopped looking Kafranbel sign.  The only 2 google searches that appeared to have articles about these images being propaganda or tampered with are “page not found” or “article not found”. So in the name of free speech and women’s rights here you go:

Check out the pics I pulled from the official Kafranbel site…

Woman on left with “I love…” t-shirt. Not only is her lighting and photo grain quality different. It’s hard to imagine a woman in her garb with militant Islamic extremists. (boy in red shirt is questionable) There was a fatwa issued that all Muslims fighting to overthrow Syrian President Assad can legally “capture and have sex with all non-Sunni women.” Two months ago (July 2013) Islamist rebels in the north banned women from leaving the house in immodest dress, in tight clothing that shows off their bodies or wearing makeup on their face.

source for Syrian Islamist rebel decrees:



2nd pic – dude in middle with tan shirt… do his feet match up with his body under the banner?


3rd pic angels and kids… A little too – well just not right. Some of the kids are not in proportion. Look carefully. Those of you who have used photoshop please let me know what you think.


There are plenty of images with just men who look like they are at war and then there are the pics with men at war plus photoshoped colorful men, women and children. Children usually up front and wearing colorful clothes with nike logos or English writing.

Anyone else think this is propaganda to help sway global views to the idea that the rebels are people we can relate to and not militant Islamic extremists? They are far more dangerous to the region and women’s safety and rights than Assad.


[Relentless Color is normally an art blog, but story was too good to pass + photoshop and propaganda are a form of art right?]

And here is one of the official Kafranabel sign websites with their pro rebel imagery. You can find plenty more:





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